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5 star google reviews

More Than Just Gutter Cleaning!

SE Home Services drone used for gutter cleaning

We don't just clean your gutters, we also provide peace of mind. We use the latest drone technology to assess your roof before and after, we upload images and video  to your online account. 

Service carried out from ground level, with high access equipment 

Drone Images and Video recording, of your gutter clean AND BONUS ROOF INSPECTION, all uploaded to your online account

Roof checked for signs of wear and loose tiles

Minor repairs carried out  

SE Home Services cleaned gutter in Thamesmead
5 star google reviews

Here's What Our Customers Say About Our Service 

Gutter cleaning vacuum pole

Reduce the risk of expensive repairs by cleaning your gutters regularly

Did you know, that its recommended that 1% of your homes value should be spent on maintenance?

In the leafy suburbs of South London, we have tree lined streets, although beautiful, they can play havoc with clogging gutters.


So, We recommend that you should have gutter cleaning in London, twice per year.

Overflowing gutters can cause the following problems:

  • Internal damp and mold

  • Structural problems overtime from water collection

  • Leaky roof and internal ceiling leaks

  • Gutter failure - Leading to hefty repairs

If you have any issues with your guttering, do not delay in booking an appointment, better still, have your gutters serviced twice per year, for peace of mind.

Were Not Just Gutter Cleaners

Window Cleaning

Pressure Washing

Carpet Cleaning



What areas do you cover for gutter cleaning?

We carry out gutter cleaning in London, Dartford and Bromley postcodes, simply follow our online booking process to check your postcode.


Do you clean the downpipes as well?

Yes, we 'flush' the downpipes as well, the pipes that can be accessed above ground.


I work weekdays, can you carry out the service at weekends?

Yes, we work 7 days per week and provide our service at any time provided the suns up.


What do I need to do before the professional arrives?

We require space to park as close to your property as possible and access to electricity.


Is your service guaranteed?

Once your service is completed we guarantee your satisfaction for a month after.


Do you clean all types of gutters?

Yes, we clean, roof, conservatory, downpipes, aco and ground gutters. We also unblock drains. 

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